About the LAUNCH Career Transition Program

Among the tools and methodologies used by Propel Coaching and Consulting, the LAUNCH program offers a whole-life approach to career transition.

The holistic approach LAUNCH brings to career transition helps participants work through the personal and professional impacts and the practical mechanics of a job or career change.

  • Participants work one-on-one with a certified coach who is with the participant through their journey for support and guidance.
  • Our cutting-edge approach mixes the best of coaching with self-discovery and structured learning.
  • We customize every engagement to the individual needs of the participant.
  • The foundation of the LAUNCH program is The Launch Pad™, a unique discovery map and program guide.
  • Program deliverables include two assessments, dedicated one-on-one hours with our certified coaches, resume and cover letter templates and counsel, Personal Branding Strategy and job search Action Plan, Behavioral Interviewing practice, and a materials packet including binder and books.

What LAUNCH clients say …

“LAUNCH has been a great catalyst for starting my career over again. It helped me identify my skills, abilities, and passions. It also helped me reflect on where I’ve been and where I am going, giving me a path to success. My coach took a holistic approach to helping me determine the career move that was tailored directly to me.”
– Jim


“Working with my LAUNCH coach has been wonderful. He has not only encouraged me to change the way I think, but helped me to discover what is important to me. I took the time and energy to find my best job for my best life. And because of this program, I am now on my way! Thank you for everything!”
– Lucy