Let’s Get Started!

So many people have life experiences that when shared inspire, encourage and motivate others to take action in their own lives. Unfortunately, many stories go untold because people generally don’t feel theirs is worth telling. What would our world gain, how much more fulfilled would people be if everyone freely shared that moment of taking life by the horns? Let’s find out.

Story Time
I started my coaching practice in January, working out of my home and loving every minute of it. I’m forever grateful to my husband for his patience and support through this journey of mine. I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life and career and I feel very blessed. The freedom and flexibility have enabled me to live a much more fulfilling life because I’m able to do the things that are important to me.

And then, I open my Inbox to discover one of my colleagues, who also started a coaching practice, has successfully partnered with another organization. While I’m super excited for him and so proud of his accomplishment I suddenly felt invisible, isolated and alone. Thankfully, I was at home and my calendar was free so I had time to work through my emotions. The next hour was a rough one for me. My inner voice had control and it was sending me to doubt my decision and my abilities. Just like that a darkness came over me like a sudden, monstrous thunderstorm rolling in on a clear day. I had to work through it

After an hour of wallowing in self-pity and shedding some important tears, I suddenly gained a new perspective by shifting from thinking from my head versus my heart. I discovered, my business is about impacting all of the people in our world who desire or require a change in their lives. It is not about me and my accomplishments. And, I realized I will not get to a thriving and fulfilling practice if it is all about me. This clarity and new perspective pulled me out of my slump and I found my energy increasing. I was back where I started my day, grateful and ready to serve my clients, family and friends.

Interestingly, I’ve known for a long time I needed to begin blogging. However, I’ve not been clear on what I’d share, until now. While building my business I have the fortune of hearing lots of really great stories. I find myself extremely curious about stories people tell, about what happens next and most importantly, how they end up. I always knew I had this attraction and often wondered why. In addition, whenever I hear a story that resonates with me I can’t keep myself from asking if they’ve shared it with anyone. And if they haven’t, I encourage them to do so for the benefit of others.

So, connecting the dots of my desire to impact people’s lives and encouraging others to tell their stories, my intention for my blog is clear. I am going to share stories that create an emotion in me that I know will impact others. These stories will be true and of course, I will ask for permission to share them. I know I will discover stories that have already been posted and will share them as well if I feel the calling to do so.

I look forward to this journey out here in our world and will value hearing your thoughts. Please feel free to comment. And … if you have a story you have yet to share or if you need help in your life to create the story you want feel free to reach out to me as I’d love to help! Contact me at Susie@propelyourcareer.com.