The line between work-life balance continues to blur for many of us, if it even exists at all in some cases. Under pressure to do better, move forward, or get ahead of the pack, we make choices daily that can have long-term impact on our lives, our families, and our careers.

As humans we try to boil down these decisions to a binary level – ones or zeroes, A or B, this or that. However we frame a choice, competing demands on all sides often obscure the fact that other, more rewarding options often do exist.

At Propel we focus on professional development of leaders, and potential leaders, in your organization to give them the power to find that Option C, to overcome career challenges, and to groom them for advancement.

Founder Susie Coultis earned her certification in coaching through Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Using her training and vast experience in HR, Susie works with individuals to get to the core of what motivates them to succeed, then gives them the keys to work efficiently toward that goal.