Is your goal to prepare a director for a role in the C-suite? Move a valued individual contributor into a management position for the first time?  Improve the quality of communications and employee interaction among your middle management? Manage anxiety among key personnel during a merger or downsizing? Is a strong employee’s performance suddenly suffering due to a personal issue? Coaching services such as ours address these and many other challenges with compassionate care and discretion. Employees understand their HR team ultimately serves the corporate objectives and are guarded if not wholly disinclined to state their feelings honestly. Individuals respond to coaches, though, as outside parties whom they can trust. They express their true feelings which the coach can then explore with the employee, resulting in a better understanding of self and of a person’s role within the organization.

At Propel we help leaders on the move.  Whether it is moving into organizations, up into a larger role or outside the company, Propel partners with leaders throughout the transition.



  • Succession needs met – Leaders are prepared to step up into greater roles.
  • Employee retention – Effective leaders retain happy and satisfied employees.
  • Increased productivity – Leaders and teams work more effectively increasing productivity.
  • Happy customers – Happy employees create happy customers.


  • Confidentiality – Coaches provide an unbiased, nonjudgmental, sounding board.
  • Career transition – Coaches prepare employees to move to another role in or outside the organization.
  • Self improvement, inspiration – Coaching identifies opportunities in the organization to help employees excel.
  • Greater focus – Employees learn to use time wisely and communicate effectively with different personality types within a team or across an organization.
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction

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